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What situation are you in?

• We need to design a new space from scratch.

• We would like to refurbish public areas in our cruise ship.

• We have been using this vessel for 10 years and it needs an upgrade.

• We need to apply fire retardant treatments or renew aerial anchor point certifications.

All your needs covered


Specialised in
public spaces

In service or in dry dock


Find the right service for you

Steel structures & certified welding
Wall Covering & flooring
Workforce & Technicians
Furniture & carpentry
Electrical & electronic installations

"Abaft adapts to different time frames and with a level of customisation worth recommending."

Some clients value our adaptability without interfering with the operations of the company. Others the dynamics of work anywhere in the world, and others the experience we have in the maritime industry.

In any case, we know that naval work is special and complex, and each public space on the boat requires meeting different needs.

For this reason, our projects comply with strict international regulations and with the extreme conditions that exist (corrosion by water, salty air and humid environment) in a high quality finish.


We work closely with our extensive supply chain network. We can complete meticulous planning globally.

We have a wide variety of resources and equipment that, on one hand, adds comfort and safety to the passengers, and on the other, extends the useful life of the ship.


We are an international company that offers technical solutions and remodelling of public spaces in the maritime industry for high quality travel, committed to providing a remarkable experience to guests.

We offer infrastructures and remodelling of the spaces where passengers circulate, both indoors and outdoors, with the widest range of materials and equipment that comply with international maritime regulations.

Yes. We are a company that provides technical and space remodeling services in the maritime industry worldwide, both in operation and in dry or wet dock. In fact, most of our marine projects have been done with the ship in service.

Yes. We offer a totally personalised service from start to finish. A turnkey process that includes design, consulting, planning, coordination, installation, commissioning and maintenance.

Yes. We comply with strict regulations regarding materials and safety classifications (fire prevention, IMO SPS code and DNVGL welding certification, among others) in order to add comfort and safety to the passenger experience. In addition, extreme outdoor conditions (corrosion by water, salty air and humid environment) require an inflexible, high-quality finish, which is not only impressive but also very practical for the marine industry.

Yes, of course. Our adaptability to client deadlines and levels of customisation has allowed us to work with the world’s leading shipyards, cruise operators and yacht charter companies, ensuring that we never get in the way and that there are no interruptions to the experience of the passenger.

Our story started 10 years ago. We are your trusted allies. Our vast experience as technical providers in the cruise sector, adaptability and commitment, guarantee a high response capacity to exceed the expectations of your passengers.

Although the global spread of COVID-19 is affecting us all, we strongly feel that we have to continue to play an important role in helping cruise and ferry companies emerge stronger from this crisis.

With this purpose in mind, we have developed and assembled a series of products to help slow the global advance of the coronavirus and adapt facilities to new security needs.

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