about us

It all started with a purpose

Help cruise operators deliver memorable experiences.

Our process

All of your needs covered

We strive to meet the expectations of its passengers and make their trip an unforgettable experience. We offer a totally personalised service from start to finish. A turnkey process.



Consulting & Design

Design and consulting services for each project that we face in order to offer the best solution according to the space and necessary requirements.

Project Management & Logistics

The project management team oversees all requirements throughout the entire process, from design to installation, as well as the purchasing course, always striving to reduce shipping costs and transit time.


Abaft installation technicians are accredited and experienced professionals in the industry.

Interior Design

We work with newly built and remodeled interiors and provide interior services for various types of vessels such as cruise ships, ferries, expeditions.

Technical Services & After Support

Maintenance and repair service for all your products and projects, both old and new. From that first moment, we will provide you with updated information about the necessary maintenance actions over time.


Everything we do at Abaft is aimed at the satisfaction of our clients, from investments in R&D and the adoption of the latest technology to the conceptual design of projects.

We are an international company that provides technical and remodeling services for public spaces in the maritime industry, both in operation and in dry or wet dock.

Our technical team has extensive experience, which allows to minimise project preparation and implementation times to work with the vessel’s schedule and ensure that we never get in the way and that there are no interruptions in the passenger experience.


We work closely with our extensive supply chain network. We can complete meticulous planning globally.

At Abaft, we know that maritime work is special and complex, which is why we travel to any part of the world where a ship or shipyard is located.

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