What are our solutions with the Covid?

Our aim at Abaft Marine has always been offering technical services in the marine industry to enhance the enjoyment and safety of passengers.

Although the global spread of COVID-19 is affecting us all, our proposal hasn’t changed at all, and we strongly feel that we have to continue playing an important role in helping cruise and ferries companies to come out of this crisis reinforced.

With this purpose in mind, we have developed and gathered a series of products to help slowing the global advance of the coronavirus and adapt facilities to the new safety needs.

Normally ship-work is special and complex but now it is even more imperative to act quickly; that is why our technical team is ready to minimize project preparation and implementation times traveling anywhere in the world where a ship or shipyard is located.

UVC disinfection system

Thanks to these high-quality UVC light systems, rooms and equipment can be bacterially and virally disinfected to prevent secondary infections and kill bacteria, viruses, fungal and mold spores in the air and on surfaces.


Safety distance marking profiles for floors, carpets and walls.

Ozone machine 5000 mg/hour

Ozone generator for the fast elimination of viruses and bacteria present. Suitable for spaces of 200 m2.

Gel dispenser

Wide range of hydrocoholic sanitizing dispensers with their corresponding loads. Composed with anti- corrosion and anti-drip valve and removable lid that prevents impurities from entering the tank.


Protective methacrylate screens made of transparent Plexiglass. (4mm thick). Each protective screen includes 2 Methacrylate supports (8mm thick)

  • Counter methacrylate stains
  • Hanging methacrylate stains
  • Acrylic table separator

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