Equipment Services

To create a memorable experience for your passengers and guests, we offer a comprehensive range of equipment to suit any space or design. We have equipment for interior and exterior public spaces on cruise ships (lighting, audio and video).


⚡ Lighting

Our wide range of lighting technologies and components covers every possible need from integral power installation, signal, software and equipment. This includes LED lighting effects, projectors, colour wash, and effects machines among others.

🔊 Audio

From outdoor weatherproof speakers to full-line arrays, the sound must be clear, intelligible, uniform throughout the intended range, and able to withstand the challenging marine conditions outside and inside a vessel. With our wide range of premium professional loudspeakers including active and passive amplifiers and digital mixers customers can be assured of selecting the right system for their chosen application.

🎥 Video

Our applications include indoor and outdoor LED screens, projection systems, multi-screen video wall installations and the wiring, signal and equipment for image reproduction.



Always complying with certifications for demanding maritime conditions, we offer the latest LED technology for both indoor and outdoor environmental lighting.

🔊 Audio

We design and install ambient high performance systems delivering high SPL with durability over 24/7 duty cycles and using low visual-impact materials able to fit any space or design requirement. All equipment complies with EN54 European standards.

🎥 Video

With video, being the fastest evolving technology, we remain focused on offering a complete service including technical advice, installation of equipment and maintenance to meet the precise requirements of each environmental video project.

We have a wide variety of resources and equipment that, on the one hand, add to the comfort and safety of the passengers, and on the other, extend the useful life of the ship.

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