Marine technical solutions in Dry Dock, Wet Dock and In Service

The cruise liners and yachts of the world ship supply often present luxurious surroundings that are rarely equalled on dry land.

Yet the challenging conditions encountered in a life at sea require highly complex marine technical solutions. Vessels need to combine passenger safety and reliable, innovative systems with spectacular, imaginative decor. All aspects of ship work are carried out in dry dock, wet dock or while the vessel is in service.

It is important to know the different technical services that are carried out on the ship which will depend on the place where the ship is located and the type of service required

Dry Dock Work

Every five years or less, all ocean-going vessels of the world ship supply including, cruise liners, super yachts and yachts, must enter dry dock where some of the most extensive technical work and refurbishments are conducted. It is only while in dry dock that the entire hull of a vessel is exposed. Analytical inspections are carried out to detect exterior panels that may be suffering from corrosion. Areas weakened by underwater collisions can be assessed for their safety at sea.

A range of marine engineering skills are used to repair or replace sections of the hull. Tasks can include manufacturing bespoke panels for an accurate fit, highly technical welding to DNVGL certification and the application of a watertight seal using marine grade paint.

Marine technical solutions in dry dock,wet dock & in service marine technical solutions in dry dock

The largest marine technical solutions applied in a boat take place during dry dock. It is while that cruises technical solutions can be efficiently implemented throughout every deck. With no passengers or members of the public allowed on board or in the dock area, complete system installations and refurbishments can be carried out quickly and efficiently. An entire refurbishment project of the interior and exterior can often be completed in ten to fourteen days.

Tasks can include the installation of new heating, air conditioning and plumbing systems in all areas of the vessel. New layouts for pipework and ventilation ducts can be designed to coordinate with ecologically-friendly, energy and water efficient systems, fixtures and fittings. State of the art electrical components can be installed during the complete rewiring of each deck. Domotics, which incorporate all aspects of Smart technology, artificial intelligence and elements of both remote and voice control, can be included in installations for sophisticated LED lighting or marine lighting solutions and public address systems.

With the major functional installations in place, technical and space remodeling services continue the refurbishment. Cabins, restaurants, gymnasiums, spas and entertainment areas can be redesigned and reconstructed to increase the efficiency of the available space.

Wet Dock Work

Other marine technical solutions that require more superficial work are usually given in wet dock

While at sea, yachts and cruise liners often encounter unforeseen hazards or weather conditions that cause damage which needs immediate repair. If areas of the hull need attention, engineering work can be performed in a partly submerged floating dry dock. Repairs requiring skilled electrical, carpentry or upholstery can easily be carried out in a wet dock. Additional projects such as extra seating, making adaptations for wheelchair access or creating a new stage set can be conducted in between consignments of passengers.

In Service Work

Marine technical solutions in dry dock,wet dock & in service In service marine technical solutions

Routine maintenance or marine technical solutions are often needed while a cruise is in progress. Is where is adept at performing all aspects of ship work whilst causing minimal disturbance to passengers or crew. A full range of cruises technical solutions can be provided while a vessel is at sea. Tasks may include all types of electrical rewiring, servicing of equipment, upholstery or small-scale refurbishments

Maintaining the high-quality structures, operational systems and superior furnishings of luxury yachts, super yachts and cruise liners of the world ship supply, involves a regular maintenance regime. For every form of dry dock, wet dock or in service ship work, from minor routine repairs to complete refurbishments.

Abaft Marine an supply the exact marine technical solutions in any location whenever they are required.

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