From design to fabrication, our industrial fabrics and textile products are made to meet your most stringent requirements. Tensile strength, heat resistance as well as aesthetics and functionality are important parameters. 

We differentiate environmental textile from the spectacular:

Environmental: decorative textile

We create and manufacture contrasted and sophisticated collections that exude personality and colour, indoor and outdoor upholstery of any shape or size . We offer a wide selection of patterned and plain textiles that maintain their comfort and appearance.

Fabrics are environment-friendly and suited to marine applications due to their high durablilty, cleanability, resistance to water, UV rays and extreme outdoor conditions and they are certified for fire and abrasion resistance.

Spectacular: stage costume

We make unique pieces with a wide variety of finishes depending on the fabrics, their application and their dimensions. We aim for a high leve lof sofistication, creativity, originality and elegance integrating them naturally in each theater or stage space.

We have a wide variety of resources and equipment that, on the one hand, add to the comfort and safety of the passengers, and on the other, extend the useful life of the ship.

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